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House outside of Skansen


These two weeks have been quite hectic, we have been to Stockholm twice, there has been a lot to do at work, I have started a Youtube channel, I have made earrings of old spoons, I have been photographing a lot and even baked some.

Last week we started off with a small car holiday down to Stockholm on Tuesday, we made a stop in Uppsala at a place called Chopchop, a restaurant selling Asian food. They have good prices, good portions and good food, if you’re in Uppsala sometime and looking for good food you should go here!
Full and satisfied, we continued our journey towards the big city and the hotel that I had prebooked.
The hotel, named Stallmästargården, is located right next to Hagaparken and is an old stable that they have turned into a very nice hotel. The price range here is quite expensive, but sometimes you have to be able to treat yourself.
When you step inside the doors you are met with a warm atmosphere and nice, helpful staff. We started by checking in and going to our room, when we opened the door we met a cozy room with a high wide bed, a retro desk with a chair, an armchair, wardrobe, a fridge and a safe. To the left of the room is the bathroom equipped with a marble sink and a bathtub, the bathtub was not that large so it would not have been possible to take a bath together in it, something me and David think it is very cozy to take a bath together after a stressful week.
When we settled in we walked to Odenplan where the subway was located. We were going to meet Håkan, a very dear close friend from school, to eat some food before me and David would move on to a concert on the annexe adjacent to the Globe. We met Håkan at the metro by the globe and walked into the mall located there, we chose the Blues restaurant. Neither I nor Håkan was very impressed with the food served, but David thought his food was good. I ate an avocado / shrimp salad where the dressing tasted very strange, I could not really put the finger on what it was that was not good with it but it had a very odd taste and in my opinion they could have skipped it completely and the salad had been much better.
Håkan ate a hamburger that he for sure could have done better at home and it was because of the whole composition.
David ate a pork tenderloin with french fries and it was good according to his statement and he was pleased.
It was very nice to see Håkan again, it does not happen so often because we live so far apart. We talked about everything between heaven and earth and there were many happy laughs!
After this it was time for the concert, we saw Marilyn Manson and the preband / dj, was Amazonica.
Amazonica is a London / Los Angles dj, I thought she was creative at first, but the more time went by, the more she lost the sting and changed the songs in strange places. As David said, it’s very hard to get a Swedish audience into a dj under this kind of conditions. The Swedish people are quite uptight compared to many other nations.
After Amazonica, it was time for what we had all been waiting for, Marilyn Manson, who was up on stage with a broken foot, but he made a spot-on effort considering his condition. They played many old goodies but also newer material, which meant a good layout and a good variety of songs.
After the concert, it took a while before we could pick up my jacket because all of the others who also would like to pickup their outerwear, but there were some queues it went quite fast even though those who gave out the clothes were extremely unorganized.
Well outside, we took the short walk to the subway where we went back to Odenplan to walk back to the hotel.
The next morning we started with a lovely quiet breakfast buffet that was included in the price of the room, it was a nice and good breakfast, it was fresh and it was well laid out, a very nice start in the morning!
When we sat at breakfast we discussed what we would do this day before going home. We agreed to start the day walking in the old town, so we walked there for a while and filmed and photographed, and found very many small cozy stores that we looked in. After a while we found out a little what we thought was a cozy cafe called Muren but the overall picture I got from that place was that the staff were unpleasant, it was overcrowded, the porcelain was broken and the staff rather fooled around with there phones than to clean the toilet!
We went in because we saw that they had Belgian waffles and we bought them and they were good even if they did not do it on site and on order, to the waffles I drank hot chocolate with marshmallows and David drank a coke.
Now it was time to go back to the subway to go to the technical museum, we went to Odenplan and started walking back to Stallmästargården where the car stood parked but on the way back we stoped for a while on a place that we passed,  the Hard Rock cafe where we had something to drink. I drank an non-alcoholic mango berry cooler that tasted wonderful and David drank a beer. I always like Hard Rock cafe although many may think they are expensive and very hyped but I have chosen to form my own opinion.
We walked the last bit in the cold and sat in the car to drive to the technical museum where there were very interesting and very fun things to check out and test.
It was not expensive entry so even if you are a whole family you will not be ruined when you go there, this place will occupy you for hours!
After a while the time had run away quite late and now it was time to go home. It turned out to be very exciting, the whole weekend was very mild even in the evening but on Sunday it bacame quite colder and on the way home we found that the road had turn to pure ice but it went well and we got home safe and sound.

On Saturday, I had a surprise dinner for my beloved David where I invited some close friends on tacos and cake to celebrate David’s birthday. It was a nice event and we were not so many so we had the opportunity to socialize without the breakdown of groups that could easily become whene there are alot of people.
The cake was one of my own creation that took a while to cover, but the result was so worth it. I was pleased with how it looked. The taste of the cake was vanilla and chocolate bottom, vanilla / strawberry and dulce de leche filling and it was covered with chocolate and vanilla cream. Recipes can be found under the link!

Time for a new week filled with new adventures, there has been a lot of photography and you’ll find them under the link!

The week rolled as usual with the usual goals, jobs and household chores.
There has not been so much baking  this week for the simple reason that the energy has not been there, you have probably all experienced it sometime in life. I’m in the way that I’m just doing and doing and rarely feel to stop until it becomes overdue that I have to take a step back and recover a bit.

By the end of the week, I try to make a pair of earrings of nice old spoons that I found on a garagesale.
How I did this you will find under the link!
And  on the Friday, me and David took Upptåget for a weekend in the big city of Stockholm, it’s getting closer to Christmas and this weekend it was Christmas fairs in Skansen and Zeta’s garden, but we begin with the accommodation!
We found this accommodation on a page called Airbnb, it is a very good page to find accommodation when you are out on the go. The prices are as affordable as you want them to be, that is, from very cheap to very expensive, you rent from other people who rent out their own homes.
We rented an apartment in Sundbyberg from the host Mona, a very nice person, unfortunately she could not meet us because we arrived in Stockholm so late but she solved it very smoothly by leaving the keys of a friend to her who had a massage business on the ground floor in the same building, you will find her under the link!
The apartment was just two minutes walk from the metro and there are a lot of restaurants within walking distance.
When we got up the stairs and enter the door we meet a nice light apartment that is stylishly furnished, to the left of the hall is the kitchen where there was a large dining table for the whole family to enjoy dinner, if you want to make a budget trip there is a possibility to buy grocerys with you and cook them here.
If you go straight ahead insteed you come to the living room where there is a large inviting sofa where you can enjoy a good movie or series. To the left of the living room is the bedroom where there is a nice double bed and this is how the apartment looks like. I really recommend this host, if you’re in Stockholm sometime then stay here!
When me and David had gotten settled and I had a hot shower, the clock had ticked away and it was time to find something to eat. We went Texas Longhorn, an American style restaurant where we ate really good food, I ate a vegoburger with sweet potato strips and david for baby back ribs and both of us were very pleased with both the food and the staff.
After the good food, both me and David were tired, so we just getting back to the apartment for a much needed sleep, in that bed both me and David slept very well, I fell asleep lie a log when I lay down my head on the pillow .

Now Saturday’s finaly arrived and we started by taking the subway to Kungsträdgården where we walked around for a while and watched those who went skieing on the ice that they set up there, now we both had worked up a hunger for breakfast and we made it very easy for ourselves by eating at the restaurant Subway where they have very good sandwiches!
All full and satisfied, we took the tram to Skansen and the Christmas fair, I had pre-bought tickets and they cost 160 SEK per person if I remember correctly.
When we walked in, we went to the top of the mountain by the funicular railway and went to look at when they made old-fashioned thin bread, it was very interesting to see so we stayed there for a while. After that it was time for us to go to the Christmas stalls, where they sold Christmas gifts, candied apples, Christmas candles, herring, Christmas candy and more. We managed to find some Christmas presents and some decorations for the tree!
It was a very nice event even though the noise level was quite high and that great Christmas feeling did not really appeare, but it’s definitely worth a visit anyway!
Now the time had elapsed and it was time to have dinner so we took the tram back to Kungsträdgården and from there we took the subway down to the old town where the restaurant Vapianos is at, I was very disappointed in that restaurant! Vapianos tend to be a nice restaurants with good food and a nice atmosphere, but here in the old town they had a feeling similar of a school canteen, you know that high level of noise and scrambling plates and cutlery, and the impression did not become any better because they did not have most of what it said on the menu. Should you eat at Vapianos, I recommend you to go to Mall of Scandinavia instead, there is a much nicer atmosphere!
After the meal it was time to return to the apartment again, where we fell down on the couch and began to look at a series called Glitch, it’s about a bunch of people who, at some mystery, resurrects from the dead and how a doctor and a police attempts to help these people to come up with why and what will happen. I think it’s good and exciting, really worth seeing!
After a while we went to sleep and woke up well-rested for the Sunday’s on goings.
We first walked to the subway and after a little while we changed from the subway to a bus to get to Zeta’s garden and their Christmas market in Segeltorp. Here there were a lot of people and it was very nice. In the background, nice Christmas music was heard and Christmas feeling was on top. Here we also found some Christmas gift, even if you feel that you’re done, you’ll always find something that you see directly, this will fit that person like the hand in the glove!

Now it’s time to go home so we walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus that soon arrived to the subway and after that we were soon on our way home. Today there was a little problem with the tracks and we had to change the train in Upplands Väsby to get to Uppsala center where we had to make a change to get to Skutskär.

The weekend was very nice and included many nice experiences that I will remember for many years to come. I think it’s very nice to go away for little adventure now and then, mix up the everyday life and live life, enjoy what’s on offer!

I future posts i will write about christmas decorating, baking and some crafts!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!


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