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This week has been filled with police reports, baking, photo opportunities, birthday celebration for dad, thank you dinner at Lind and Per, fathers day and the planning for the upcoming motorcycle vacation that me and David are going on in the summer!

About a month ago i ordered a computer from a site called www.laptopreeur.com that David had found an ad for on Facebook, everything seemed fine and it seemed to be a serious page. Both me and David did research online about this page and neither of us found anything dodgy and therefore i placed an order from them. And then it started with them taking too much money from my account then they had said on the website, here the little bells of warning started ringing but i figured it had been a mistake with the converting of the currency, i emailed them asking about this but i did not receive an answer from them, i tried contacting them at several occasions with no success.
After a while there page told me that the computer had reached the Swedish customs and after a few days i called the customs to see what was going on but they could not help me if i did not have the Swedish tracking id and i can understand that because they have a lot of parcels going trough their office. Then i emailed the ”seller” again asking for this number but they referred me to their website and then i told them that i need the number the parcel gets when it reaches Sweden but with no success again, now the really big alarms went of in my head. Now a week later i sit here and i have talked to the bank which helped me by looking my card, sending me a new one and also helped me to do a report for debit card fraud. I have also done a police report about this and tomorrow i will talk to the consumer attorney to see what they will have to say.
All i can do after that is to wait, see and hope for the best!

The lesson i have taken from this, do not trust all the ads i see, even if it seems to be a serious page it can be someone who just is out to get your money, Facebook does not go through there adds to make sure its good!

This week i have made something called struvor, this is a Swedish christmas tradition. I have also made a pie without gluten and dairy, an Italian toffee cake and a happy father’s day cake.
All of this for the first time with an exception for the pie that i have made once before.
At first i was going to make a double batch for struvor but then i remembered something David’s sister Jenny said a while bake, you will need very little batter for each struva so i just made the recipe for one batch and that was as well because i made a lot of them with just that. It was really fun doing them and it smelled of fun fair in the whole house. The pie and the Italian toffee cake i did spontaneously became something that i took with me to Linda and Per and there thank you dinner for dessert and it became a hit.
The cake i did was for my dad and fathers day and that as well was nice.

On the thursday my dad had his 57th birthday, the years just keep on passing by! It feels just like last year that he turned 50, my experience is that the more the years pass the more time hurries away. Do you feel the same?
My dad likes whisky so this year me and David got him a gift certificate to go and try out various whisky at this Swedish brand called Mackmyra, maybe he even will find something new that he likes! The evening was very nice, it was so long since i met up with dad and his partner Birgitta! Axel, Christopher, Madeleine and Jan was also there, Axel and Christopher is the sons of Birgitta, Jan is Christophers father and Madeleine is Christophers partner. Sadly David could not come because he had to work and Alex who is Birgittas last son could not come either because he lives in Norway.
It’s sad that they could not join us but David came with me on father’s day instead and Alex will come home for christmas.

The evening was filled with a lot of laughter and was really nice.
Dad and Birgitta has been renovating their entrance hall and they have really done an excellent job, they can really be pleased and proud with what they have accomplished!

This week has been full of photo opportunities that I have made the most of and you can look at the pictures on the tab!

Me and David have started to plan for a trip this upcoming summer, this time we figured that we would take our motorbikes out into the world so we thought we would visit Denmark, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and possibly Italy but we will see how the planing goes and how long we decide to go away for.

There is a lot to take in account for example how long should we be in each city, where should we sleep, should camp out or live in a hotel/hostel, will we need a roadpass in any of the countries we will be visiting, what packing should we bring, how far should we drive per day and so on but all of this will be solved all in good time. It will be very exciting to go on this journey, I have previously been on a car vacation and that was one of the best thing I have done in life and I have also driven several different type of vehicles in al the country’s I have been in so I think this will be fine to!
Because of this journey we will take I have decided to buy a Gopro hero 5 to be able to document this trip and I have to give praise to the company www.cdon.se that I ordered this from because I had the Gopro in my hand the very next day.
That is what I call swift handling!
This adventure I will tell you more about further down the road!

On the saturday we was invited to eat tacos at Linda and Pers place as a thank you all for the help with the move the week before, and they also celebrated their one year anniversary!

After the dinner we played a board game called Alias, I have never played this board game before and it was really funny and lord how I laughed. Alias is a board game where you have a board numbered from one to eight all around and when it is your turn you explain the word on the card to your partner, the two of you should get as many rights and cards as you can and that’s the way you move towards the winning. There is a lot of funny descriptions and explanations and I dearly recommend this game, it is said that laughter longens the life!

On the sunday I baked the father’s day cake that I wrote about further up and me and David went over to my father and Birgitta with it, they became very happy about it and the cake was a success. For me it is very satisfying to bake something that the receiver really likes, it gives me a lot in my heart and soul to be able to give something from myself to someone else and make them happy!

In a previous post I wrote about the series Sherlock and how I could not determine if I liked it or not but now when I have seen all there is I feel a kind of disappointment that there is no more to see. Therefore I really have to recommend that you see Sherlock!
I have also looked at the series the mist and that was far below the expectation, it does not feel so well-worked and it feels like a low-budget series that they have put on-screen before they was really finished with it, David did not even look at it because they put in a lot of politics in it and the series had very little to do with the book!

In the beginning of the week I vent to Telenor (a store for mobiles and such) to see if I could find a nu cellphone, my old one was barely hanging on after these three brave years, earlier I have had Iphone but since I do not like some of the changes they have made to the phone I decided to change to Android and it has been a challenge. The most of the obstacles I have worked past but I still have a few left for instance how to transfer my old messages to my new phone or a computer but sooner or later I will fix that to.

I the near future I will write about concerts, christmas markets, old friends and everything else that will happen!

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Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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