Chess cake with vanilla/strawberry and dulce de leche filling – English

The outside of the cake
The inside of the cake

Dulce de leche

Remove the lables from the tin of condensed milk and put it in a saucepan. Cover the tin with water and put it on the stow end let it simmer for 3 hours. Make sure the tin is covered with water.


Ingridents for the sponge

  • 300 gram butter
  • 8 eggs
  • 800 gram sugar
  • 480 gram flour
  • 40 gram baking soda
  • 20 gram vanilla
  • 400 gram water
  • 18 gram cacao

Do like this

Prepare the pans (two of them). Melt the butter and let it cool of.
Whip the eggs and sugar porous. Mix the flour, baking soda and vanilla.

Mix it with the eggbatter. Add the butter and water, mix the batter until it is even and smooth.

Pour half of the battermix in one och the pans. Mix the cacao with the other half and pour that in the other pan.

Bake the sponge in the lower part of the oven at 175°c or 350°f for 40-50 minutes.


Ingredients vanilla frosting

  • 200 gram soft butter
  • 240-300 gram icing sugar
  • 250 gram creme cheese (cold)
  • 5 gram vanilla extract

Do like this

Whip the butter creamy and light colored for about 5 minutes.
Mix the icing sugar, start with 240 gram, whi for a few minutes more.
Add the creme cheese and vanilla extract and whip untill it is a smooth cream.
Add 60 gram more of the icing sugar to get a thicker cream.


Ingredients chocolate frosting

  • vanilla pod
  • 1000 gram chocolate (500 gram white and 500 gram dark)
  • 600 gram room temperatured butter
  • 400 gram icing sugar
  • 50 gram cacao
  • 200 gram full cream
  • 2 gram salt

Do like this

Split the vanilla pods and scrape of the vanilla from inside.
Melt the chocolate (the white and the dark seperate)

Whip the butter and the icing sugar really fluffy and tast. You should not be able to feel any of the grains fron the icing sugar. If you do you should whip some more. It can also be bacause the butter is to cold. In that case let it sit out for a while and then whip it again. 

Add the scrapings from the vanilla pod and whip it, split the cream in two and add the cacao and dark chocolate in the first half add the white chocolate in the secont half and whip them separately.

Add 100 gram full cream and 1 gram salt in each halfs and whip it to a smooth cream and let sit in the fridge for about ten minutes, it will become more firm after it have been in the coold for a while.


The assembly of the cake

Split the sponge into tre parts, place the first part on the plate and place the dulce de leche on the sponge. Place the next sponge on the first one and place vanilla frosting and add sliced strawberries in the vanilla frosting.
Place the last sponge on top of the other sponge and even out the wall and top of the cake with vanilla frosting.
Let it sit in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
Now you can pipe the cake with the chocolate frosting.

Best of luck!

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